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Datafeed is a mechanism for users to receive updated data from data sources. Product feeds play increasingly important role in e-commerce and internet marketing.

A product datafeed is usually a text file filled with information about supplier's products, it can be a TAB delimited or Comma delimited CSV file, or a XML file or other formats.

Figure: A sample CSV file opened in Microsoft Office Excel 2007:

CSV datafeed.PNG

Datafeed Specifications for DepotNet

Tab delimited, or comma delimited text file.
File Type
Text file. (We also support XML format)
Delivery Method
FTP or HTTP with or without password protection. DepotNet will automatically download the product datafeed from the FTP or HTTP location as stated.
Fields (Column Headers)
Required Field Names:
Item Number
A number that can identify the product, it should be unique number. Example: SKU
UPC and/or MPN
Universal Product Code and/or Manufacturer Part Number
Product Name
Product categories. For multi-level categories, please just add '>' between the parent category and son category. Example: Computers>Laptops . If a product has more than one categories, please separate categories by '|'. Example: Computers>Laptops|Computers>Ultrabooks
Image Url
URL of a product image. If a product has more than one images, please add additional "Image Url" columns, or just use one "Image Url" column and separate images urls by '|' .
Wholesale Cost
It can be the normal wholesale cost if you offer different level of the wholesale costs to different reseller accounts.
Optional Fields:
Product Options - example: Column Name "Color|Size" , Column Value "Red, Blue|S, M, L"
Suggest Retail Price
Brand or Manufacturer - Brand name or manufacturer of the product
Stock Quantity
Other Fields
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